Free State Square Club

Step 1

Download the MVA VR-124 application form in PDF format. Fill out the form as completely as possible but do not sign it before receiving the certified copy back from us.

Step 2

Email the filled out (but not signed) PDF of the application along with an image of the current Dues card to Please include the mailing address in your email.

You may also choose to print the filled out application and mail it along with a copy of the current Dues card to:

Free State Square Club No. 1182

P.O. Box 860

Columbia, MD 21044

We will review the documentation to confirm your eligibility and return the certified form to you by mail.

Step 3

Sign the certified form and mail (or bring in person) to MVA.

A one-time fee of $15.00 for the new Organization License Plates is payable to MVA. Please include this fee along with the form that you mail to MVA or bring it with you.

MVA will mail the new plates directly to you. If you bring the certified form to Glen Burnie MVA Headquarters, they may issue the plates right then and there. Consider inquiring with other MVA full-service locations about the availability of these tags.

You do not have to wait until your current regular license plates expire to replace them with the "EEE" tags.